Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh the joys of Migraines

Today is one of my "important days", I was to write an essay, finish up some web design work, recruit people in my "BWE" (Business Work Experience) class to become possible employees at Reebok.
I was also going to re-setup my Xbox 360 and Desktop computer to my Projector.
All of this fell through the moment I woke up and felt this throbbing pain in my head, what a major inconvenience...

And to make everything worse, after taking some grade A drugs (The pharmaceutical kind). I finally managed to fall asleep and hopefully give the migraine time to chill out. To my unfortunate suprise a friends decided to include me in a "TextPlus" group chat, this was effective enough to make my phone go off the phritz and vibrate like there was no tomorrow, after about 6 minuites of pained frustration I finally figured out how to "!leave". Afterwards two random jerkoffs decided to text me "u jelly bro?" and "you mad bro?".
Now, I'm normally not a sore losing kind of guy, however, with a migraine, I'm someone else. I immediatly loaded up my SMS Bomber. I immediately sent a barrage of "displeasing" texts at the rate of 100texts/min. Needless to say, I felt glorified.

Anywho, more ACTUAL content coming later when I'm not in pain/fuming.

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