Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Beginning

Hello everyone, my name is Brian Prout. I currently reside in Loveland, Colorado. I didn't really start this blog to inform, rather to entertain...myself and my own ideas. This is meant for little more then a journal than anything; however if you find it my life journey entertaining in any way: I thank you.

Obviously I know me more than anyone else (So I don't have to explain myself to myself) so if you follow me you'll learn more about me and the life I lead as time progresses.

Currently I'm a High-School Senior working a part time job at Reebok LTD as a Sales Associate. Yeah..  I sell shoes. I recently got back from a 1 month vacation in London and Africa (Pics to come later)
I work on the side as a Graphics/Web Designer for my Uncle's website.

Well, this is the first step of many to come. Thanks for dropping by:


  1. a blogs a good way to if nothing else, practice your writing. enjoy!

  2. Hi Brian thanks for sharing this with the web, was fun to read